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9 Smart Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

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Smoother mornings and restful evenings are made possible by well-organized cabinets. With these brilliant bathroom cabinet organizing ideas, you can bring order to your vanity drawers, medicine cabinet, and under-sink area.

Even if you only have a small amount of storage space, you can now store more and find what you’re looking for much more easily!

1. Employ Turn Tables for Easy Access

If you’re someone who uses a lot of products daily, and they’re all stored in your bathroom cabinet, you might accidentally knock down some products when trying to reach for another item deep in the bathroom cabinet.

A perfect solution is to use a turntable with bins so your products stay upright while being spun around. Now you can keep all your products at your fingertips! Also, you should make sure to reassess your cabinet items every few months to get rid of expired or empty products. You’ll be amazed to find how many unwanted products are in your bathroom cabinet.

lazy susan - 9 Smart Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets
Credit: Family Handyman

2. A Special Place for Hair Tools

Hair tools such as hair dryers, oversized brushes, or flat irons will take too much space when laid flat at the bottom of the cabinet. Instead of that, give them a special spot behind the cabinet door by using a mounted hair tool rack! You can hang it over the back of a cabinet door and keep all your hair tools in it. This will create more space in your cabinet tremendously.

hair tool organizer - 9 Smart Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets
Credit: Family Handyman

3. Magnetic Cabinet Door

Another way to utilize the space behind the back of the cabinet door is by mounting a magnetic memo board. This allows you to hold and organize cosmetic products, grooming tools, or more. You can be creative here by using magnetic pen holders and hooks to store items, or just simply attaching magnets at the back of the products directly.

Magnetic Cabinet Door - 9 Smart Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets
Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

4. Under-Sink Organizers

If you store your bathroom supplies in the under-sink cabinet, consider getting these 2-tier slide-out storage baskets. You can have easy access to your products when you need them just by sliding out the baskets. They also keep your under-sink cabinet organized and create more space for other tools. We always recommend two-tiered organizers to double up on storage and fully utilize the vertical space.

Under-Sink Organizers - 9 Smart Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

5. Use Command Hooks

Another great way to organize bathroom cabinets is to use Command hooks. It is a straightforward yet effective way to use the space behind the bathroom cabinet door. Stick a few of these on the bathroom cabinet door to hang up your brush, hairdryer, or other tools to save space. This is also a convenient way for those who don’t want to get involved with a nail and hammer.

Command Hooks
Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

6. Divide Cabinet Drawers

Bathroom cabinet organization includes organizing your vanity drawers as well. One of the easiest things to do is to keep cosmetics products orderly by using trays and dividers. You can get these clear plastic drawer organizers or you can repurpose household items, such as bowls, containers, or a party dip tray, to organize even your bathroom essentials at hand.

Divide Cabinet Drawers - 9 Smart Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

7. Categorizing and Labelling

Categorize your bathroom products by using baskets to keep your bathroom cabinet clean and tidy. You can also label them in categories to boost cabinet organization. If you are using a shared shelf space, you can also label the basket with names. The shallow height of the basket keeps toiletries in sight while giving easy access.

Categorizing and Labelling - 9 Smart Ways to Organize Bathroom Cabinets
Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

8. Mirror Cabinet

Get a mirror that also has the function to store your bathroom essentials, such as this Bathroom Medicine Cabinet. Keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized by putting your daily bathroom products in here, so you can have them conveniently at your fingertips. You will no longer need to bend and search through vanity drawers anymore.

Mirror Cabinet

9. Slide-out Tray

To have easy and convenient access, you can consider installing a slide-out tray at the base of your cabinet. This keeps useful items like paper towels, cleaning supplies, first aid kit, all within an arm’s reach.

Slide-out Tray

Get Your Bathroom Cabinet Organized

With all these smart ideas and practical organization items to help you maximize storage capacity and organize bathroom cabinets, your bathroom will be neat and tidy once again!

Which one of these ideas you are going to implement first?

Or, do you have an even better idea to organize your bathroom cabinets?

Let us know in the comments below!

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