About Us

Hi there!


Welcome! We are Grace and Zhen, the Pursuing Lemons crew! A combination of a passionate writer and a quirky tech geek. We are also fitness junkies that like to explore different types of workouts, yoga and diet.


Here at Pursuing Lemons, we believe that building good habits leads to a better lifestyle, and it starts with consistent, tiny actions every day!


Start with a simple workout or just organizing the clutters in your room.


We provide all kinds of yoga, workout and organization tips to help you improve your lifestyle a little more.


Also, we love sharing what works for us!

Why Pursuing Lemons?

We tend to avoid doing the hard things.


But, they can always be done in a simple way with the right information.


That’s why we read blogs, right?


At Pursuing Lemons, we want to help improve your lifestyle by giving you tips and guides when it gets tough.


So, why lemons though? Well, It’s kind of like squeezing a lemon at first, then you will get the juice for your lemonade.


Pursuing Lemons is a challenge to you. To apply the knowledge that you gather from blogs and online resources. To put in the work, tackle the hard things, and hustle. Eventually, you’ll realize things naturally get easier as you keep going and growing until you get your lemonade.


You know how the saying goes, “The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest.”


Even though if it’s a lemon 🙂