Airline Travel Hacks: 25 Amazing Tricks For Your Next Flight

Taking a flight can sometimes be a nightmare.

The long line of queues at the security, the charging station is always crowded, your flight got canceled and other things you just didn’t expect it to happen.

Going through the airport can be tough. It’s a hard job. So, hoping for the best just won’t cut it.

You need to be smart, nimble and flexible.

But, how?

In this list, we will show you some of the hacks that could help you travel smart or at least give you a little advantage over the other travelers.

Airline Travel Hacks

1. Always Choose Left At The Security

Most people are right-handed, so they often go towards the direction of their dominant hand. If you reach the security line, pick the left lane.

It’s faster.

Most people will go to the other direction subconsciously.

2. Bring Your Own Portable Battery Charger

Man charging smartphone with power bank - Airline Travel Hacks

Don’t fight for space at the charging station. Use a portable battery charger!

Anyway, it’s really handy to have one with you since you will be using your phone a lot too when traveling.

3. Bring Empty Mugs With Tea Bags.

Starbucks is expensive. Coffee and tea in the airplane are watery and they taste bad. You can bring a travel mug with tea bags inside (coffee bags too or whatever). Then, ask the flight attendants to fill it up with hot water when on the plane.

Voila! Now you can enjoy a good drink in your flight.

4. Lollipops Can Ease Ear Pressures On A Flight

This trick is especially useful if you’re on a plane with your have kids!

Little girl waiting for flight at airport with a lollipop - Airline Travel Hacks

5. Be Friendly to the Flight Attendants.

If you don’t suck as a person, everyone will treat you better. What I’m saying is that you should be polite to the flight attendants. Treat someone the way you want them to treat you.

So, be that cool guy or girl that everybody likes.

6. Put on a “Fragile” Tag, Your Luggage Will Get a Vip Service.

Man holding suitcase with luggage tag in hand at airport - Airline Travel Hacks

7. Exercise Before Going On a Flight

A good workout before going on a long-haul flight will make you feel a whole lot better. The increase in endorphins after a workout triggers positive feelings, allows you to fall asleep with ease when onboard and prevents you from getting sick easily (boosts in your immune system).

8. Morning Flights Experience Less Turbulence.

If you take the morning flights, you can avoid getting motion sickness. That is because morning flights tend to experience less turbulence so you don’t get a bumpy flight.

On the other hand, in the afternoon, the heat of the earth makes hot air to rise. The rise of air will cause strong winds or storms. That’s why sometimes your flight won’t be as smooth in the afternoon.

9. Sit Near The Wings to Feel Less Turbulence

through the window of airplane - Airline Travel Hacks

Our last point did mention that the afternoon flights will experience more turbulence. If you have no choice but to get an afternoon flight, try getting seats near the wings. You’ll feel the turbulence the least over the wings.

10. Sit At the Front If You Don’t Mind Turbulence

Air is fresher and cooler there. Towards the back of the place will be warmer.

11. Keep your Kid busy with an inflated beach ball at the airport.

Kids are restless. If you don’t keep an eye on them, they could do the wildest things. One of our friends told us that she keeps her kid busy with an inflated beach ball so she can at least ease up a bit.

Catch the ball - Airline Travel Hacks

12. Sit Near the Airline Club Lounge For Free Wi-Fi.

Don’t want to pay to get into the lounge just to use the Wi-Fi?

Do this.

13. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body which makes it harder for you to get some good sleep.

Maybe you need it to calm your nerves. Fair enough.

But, don’t drink it if you can. You don’t want to be all groggy and tired when you arrive at your destination.

14. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Pour soft drink in glass with ice splash on dark background - Airline Travel Hacks

Don’t take any carbonated drinks before your flight. The fizzing bubbles in carbonated drinks are actually gas. It traps in your stomach when you drink them.

When on a flight, being at high altitude will expand the trapped air in your stomach. Because of this, you will experience gastric distress like bloating.

Drink water. They’re healthier too.

15. Tie A Bright Ribbon On the Handle of Your Luggage

It can be hard sometimes to find your luggage at the airport. Tying a bright-colored ribbon definitely makes it easier to be spotted among the other luggage.

16. Bring An Empty Water Bottle

You can bring an empty bottle through security and fill it up through a water dispenser once you’re done with the screening.

17. Don’t Turn Off The Air, Keep It On!

Put on a sweater if you’re feeling cold. The reason you should keep the air on is that the air blows germs away. Moreover, it keeps your skin from getting dry.

18. Don’t Use the Blankets

The blankets handed out has probably been used and sometimes not washed. Well, unless it is still in a sealed plastic bag. It’s probably a good idea to bring your own blanket if you ever need one.

19. Sign up for TSA PreCheck to avoid long security lines.

TSA Precheck and Global Entry line at security checkpoint at Reagan National Airport - Airline Travel Hacks

For those who travel very often, it would be great to get the TSA’s PreCheck.The most significant benefit that TSA Pre-Check offers is that you can avoid the long security lanes, saving you from wasting time over the long run.

Basically, there is a special lane for people with TSA PreCheck and the overall process is much faster.

You can learn more about it in this article.

20. Listen To Songs Offline With Spotify Premium

The Spotify Premium you to listen to music offline so you can also listen to your favorite songs in airplane mode. It also saves you money from roaming charges if you need your playlist while traveling. You can simply download an entire playlist or album as long as you have sufficient space on your phone.

21. Using USB Port on the Back Of TVs.

Airports are normally full of TVs. If you can’t find a charging station and you really need one, you try to find a TV with an accessible USB port at the back.

Of course, Try not to break the TV or any laws.

22. Canceled Flights Can Be Re-booked Through Call

On rare cases, while you’re at the airport, your flight got canceled. Those who are on the same flight as you would all probably flock to the counter to re-book.

There is a way that you can avoid the crowd and also ensure that you wouldn’t miss the next flight. Just give a call to the airport’s customer service line. They can help you to re-book from there.

23. Pack Stuff You Need Frequently Within Your Reach

The stuff you will need to use frequently should be in an easily accessible location. You can put them in your carry-on or pocket. You don’t want to go digging through your bag and everyone else is waiting behind you in line.

Do this and you’ll avoid that embarrassment.

24. Don’t Wear Headphones While Waiting at the Gate

Girl sitting at the airport with smartphone - Airline Travel Hacks

While waiting at the gate, you might pass time with listening to music in your headphones or watching videos on social media.

This can be risky.

Because sometimes important gate announcements are made and you might miss it since you are on your headphones.

25. Wear More Clothes If Your Luggage is Overweight

If your luggage is overweight at check-in, you might need to pay for the extra baggage fees. Though there is a way to get around this without costing any money (only if your luggage just passes the weight limit by a little).

Put on that jacket, sweatshirt or other clothing. You can wear more layer of clothes to lighten your bag. This way you might be able to lighten your bag just enough to pass through the weight limit.

You can also do this on your way home if your luggage is being weighted down by one or two souvenirs.

And that’s it, guys.

These are some of the airline hacks that hopefully can give you a smoother travel experience or a little advantage over the other travelers.

If you have other tips and tricks that are not listed here, you can share them with us at the comment section below!

We also have an article about Travel Tips To Make You A Travel Ninja that might give you some wonderful travel insights that you didn’t know!

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