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17 Bathroom Organization Ideas You Need to Know

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Are your daily products cluttering up your bathroom? And there’s just too little space?

Well, we’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeve for you to get organized and more storage space.

Some might need a little creativity to turn common items (like spice shoe organizers, spice racks, baskets, etc) that you have into instant storage!

Here are 17 bathroom organization hacks you need to know to help you create more storage space and stay organized.

1. Hang Items Behind The Curtain

Mesh Pocket Organizer - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: House Beautiful

Not enough space to put your shampoo bottles and shower essentials? Add this hanging pocket organizer for more storage. It dries quickly and has metal hook attachments so you can hang it easily on a shower rod, doorknob or towel rack. You can even fold this up into a compact size and bring it along with you on your vacation.

2. Store Your Makeup Items on a Lazy Susan

rotating cosmetic organizer - bathroom organization ideas

Too many makeup items and they’re cluttering the bathroom countertop? This rotating cosmetic organizer can help you solve your problem. You would be impressed with how much stuff this can fit!

Having multiple layers helps you save space and organizes your products (you can organize them by category!). It is also rotatable so you can find all your cosmetics easily.

If your bathroom counter is clutter-free, getting ready in the morning will be a lot less stressful because you won’t have to go through your drawers or make-up bags to find what you need.

3. Add A Swing Out Towel Rack

Swing Out Towel Rack - bathroom organization ideas

This wall-mounted towel rack is a more efficient way of using your bathroom space. The bars swing independently of one another. You can adjust them to any position and allows you to spread towels for faster drying. It’s perfect for organizing face towels or bath towels!

4. Add Plastic Baskets to Drawers

plastic baskets in drawers - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: The Summery Umbrella

If you are looking for a cheap solution to organize your bathroom, these handy baskets (square or slim) are great for you! Use them to organize your drawers by categorizing your products in different baskets. Now every morning you can find what you need in your bathroom drawers quickly!

5. Hang Baskets on Towel Rods

baskets hanging on towel rods - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: Simple DIY 2

Another great way of using baskets is to hang them on towel rods with craft ribbon. Instead of hanging only one towel over the hanging rod, now you have more space to hold all kinds of things like your bathroom essentials, face towels, toilet rolls, etc. You can also use S-hook if you want to be able to remove the baskets easily.

6. Toothbrushes Out of Sight

organize toothbrushes & toothpaste - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: Living Well Mom

If you have a big family, there might be a lot of toothbrushes cluttering up the counter. You can attach colorful plastic cups onto the inside of a cabinet door with velcro and label each cup with names. This will keep your counter clean, all the toothbrushes organized and your kids will also know where to put back their toothbrushes before they go to bed!

7. Repurpose a Shoe Organizers

Shoe Organizer holding hair products - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

Hang a shoe organizer on your door to store all your large hair products, hair tools and brush collection! You can organize them by category on different levels so you can grab them fast when you need something. Having hair tools separated from each other will also prevent tangling cords from one another.

8. Hang a Hair Styling Tool Basket

Over the Cabinet Door Storage Basket - bathroom organization ideas

This hair styling tool basket holds your hairdryer and hairstyling brushes conveniently over the inside of your cabinet. It has hooks to hold the cords, keeping them tangle-free. Use this to maximize space and keep your counter clutter-free.

9. Add A Second Rod

another rod for hanging item - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

Lack of shower shelving? No worries. Add a second shower rod near the wall to hang bins, brushes and loofahs with S-hooks. This will create more storage space and you won’t ever need to bend down to grab your bath products anymore.

10. Spice Racks for Bathroom Storage

spice racks in bathroom - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: Our Life in a Click

If you have very minimal counter space, you would probably have limited storage for your daily products. Try utilizing empty wall space by installing inexpensive spice racks on your wall to store all your everyday items. Your items will be at an easy-to-reach level too!

11. Create Open Shelving With Baskets

Open shelves using Baskets - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

Turning baskets into stylish open shelves is a simple DIY project that you can do! You can hang a couple of baskets on the wall and store hand towels or toilet rolls in them. The best part is that you can customize them to fit the wall space you have.

12. Hanging Shower Caddy

hanging shower caddy - bathroom organization ideas

This one’s a pretty common tool, but it’s still certainly one of the best organizers for storing all your bath essentials in one place. This stylish hanging shower caddy has metal wire racks for water drainage and a few hooks to hold your razor, sponge, loofah and more.

13. Simple Organizer Tray for Countertop

Accessories Storage Organizer Tray - bathroom organization ideas

It can be a challenge to save space if you have a small bathroom. This simple organizer tray is not too big and it would fit well on any small countertop.

The stylish acrylic organizer is ideal for those who want to have quick access to your essentials without wasting time going through storage bags or containers. Some of us already have a daily routine that uses only certain items, so this will be great to store those items and have quick access to them!

14. Store Items in Mason Jars

Mason Jar Organizer - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: The DIY Playbook

Attach mason jars to a wooden board with hose clamps and make a farmhouse-chic style bathroom storage! It will keep items off your bathroom vanity top, and it’s perfect for holding makeup brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Q-tips and cotton balls. Watch the tutorial at The DIY Playbook.

15. Install a Picture Ledge Above Your Sink

Picture ledge in bathroom - bathroom organization ideas

Image Credit: House Beautiful

Some of us have a really small bathroom that does not come with a bathroom vanity. This can be really inconvenient when we don’t have enough space to place our daily products.

Fret not! You can install a picture ledge between your bathroom mirror and sink. It offers a convenient spot to hold your everyday items like perfume, hand soap, lotion or skin care products.

16. Over the Door Towel Rack

Over the Shower Door Towel Rack - bathroom organization ideas

The towel rack is one of the most essential accessories for your bathroom. This over the door shower rack utilizes the unused space behind the door so it’s perfect if you’re bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space.

It can hold up to 3 towels and they’re available right away when you step out of the shower! It’s also great for hanging shirts, dresses, pants and any other types of clothes too.

17. Multi-Functional Toothbrush Organizer

Multi-Functional Toothbrush Organizer - bathroom organization ideas

This is one of the most amazing bathroom accessories because it will clear up over half of your counter space. This multi-functional toothbrush organizer has multiple toothbrush slots, a toothpaste dispenser and also a lid covered space to store your cups.

You can also place your facial and hair care products on the top compartment. The bottom has a towel holder with a few hooks behind. Overall, this is really an all-in-one unit if you’re looking for something to organize your bathroom and save space.

Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Start implementing these bathroom organization ideas today!

Let us know which one you will be trying first?

If you think we miss out on some of the coolest bathroom organization ideas, share them with us in the comments section.

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