Want to shed extra pounds off your belly? These 9 best yoga poses for weight loss are designed to help you lose weight and burn fats. 9 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss | Shred those extra pounds and live a healthy lifestyle today! Start practicing these yoga poses for weight loss designed to burn fats and strengthen muscles. #yoga #weightloss #weightlossyoga

9 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

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There are so many ways to lose weight, but did you know that yoga can help you lose weight as well?

You might be skeptical about how yoga poses can possibly help one to lose weight.

The fact is, yoga not only burns the same amount of calorie rate as jogging, but it also helps you develop muscle tone and improve your metabolism.

With the right yoga poses and practice, you can shed those extra pounds off the scale. Just roll out your yoga mat in your living room or bedroom, and you’re set!

In this list, we are going to be covering some of the most effective yoga poses for weight loss.

Crescent Lunge

crescent lunge - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The Crescent Lunge has many benefits. It will help you to strengthen your lower and upper body, develop flexibility and re-energize you.

There are all kinds of variation out there for the crescent lunge. You can do it by bending your back knee or keep it outstretched. If you tilt your hands back, you will feel that your back is stretched more.

For yoga beginners, you can do the low lunge version instead. Bring your back knee to the mat and un-tuck your back toes. If you have shoulder injuries, you can put your hands on your hips instead.

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

You’re definitely going to feel this one working on multiple parts of your body. You will feel the burn at your abs, hamstrings and chest.

Place one hand on the ground at one side of your leg and the other hand facing upwards. While doing this, look up to the direction of the hand that is facing upwards. Do this for both sides!

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

four limbed staff pose - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The four-limbed staff pose is also known as the Chaturanga Dandasana. Your body is directly parallel to the ground, similar to a push-up, some might call this a “yogi pushup”.

This yoga pose makes your core strong, helps you to lose weight and builds abs. By maintaining this pose, you will also require arm strength to support. Because of that, this will also help lose arm fat.

Try holding this for 1 minute!

Tip: Don’t stick out your butt, keep your back straight in line with your arms.

Boat Pose

boat pose - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Work your core with this yoga pose! Get those abs burning!

The challenge in this would be keeping the legs straight and maintaining the “V” shape.

No doubt that this will require a large amount of core strength and some flexibility, but it also the best one for working the core. Yoga beginners can try with the legs bent instead of straight. It will be easier to hold the pose.

As you do this often enough, you will start building core strength and your flexibility will get better over time.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The bridge pose stretches the chest, neck, and spine. It also calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression.

The bridge pose can be easily done by laying on the ground facing up. Lift up your torso and keep your palms touching the ground.

The longer you hold it, the more you will feel the burn. Try holding it one minute.

Warrior III

warrior three - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

This pose looks easy, but it is not what it seems. It requires a tremendous amount of core strength and flexibility. Holding the back leg up will be tougher than you think.

Stand on one leg and slowly stretch out your body until your back is flat. You will need to concentrate on this position.

This yoga pose is beneficial for your balance and overall strength. It tones up your butt and reduces fat from your body.

Make sure your form is correct. Try holding the straight line of your entire body while balancing on one leg for 30 seconds.

Side Plank

Side Plank Pose - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Planks are well known for weight loss and they’re a very good way to work on multiple muscle groups in your body.

The side plank puts pressure on a few parts of your body, especially your hips and abs. This can help you burn those extra fats that you don’t need in your body.

This pose can be easily done and is suitable for all levels of yogis. Yoga beginners can do this to develop a strong, firm wrist for more advanced yoga poses too!

Wheel Pose

Urdhva Dhanurasana - wheel pose - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The Wheel Pose is one of the more advanced yoga poses for weight loss out there. The more difficult the yoga poses, the more fat you burn!

This will strengthen your legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and wrists. Before attempting the wheel pose, make sure to do some warm-up poses for your back such as the upward dog or the cobra.

Reverse Plank

reverse plank - Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Tired of planks?

Try this variation. It works the core, shoulders, back and butt.

It is normal to feel your shoulder burning as it requires shoulder strength to hold this yoga pose. You need to always keep your butt lifted to maintain the straight line from your back to your legs.

It may seem hard, but it is one of the best yoga poses for weight loss that builds heat in the core.

Everyone Can Start Today

You can start losing weight today with these yoga poses!

Yoga is really suitable for those who are looking for an alternative to intense workouts or long runs.

It can be done anywhere, and it is a great way to understand your body too.

Also, always work within your own range of limits and abilities. Remember that consistency is key. Don’t rush things, but be consistent. As you do them often enough, your body will start becoming stronger and slimmer. Eventually, you will start losing weight!

If it gets too easy for you, you can explore other yoga poses and add them to your yoga workout as well!

Committed to Lose Weight With Yoga?

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It consists of three phases with videos that can be downloaded on your phone or computer. Moreover, you get to do the program right in the comfort of your own home, skipping the drive to yoga classes.

All you’ll have to do is bring out your yoga mat in your living room and open up your laptop or smartphone!

The “Yoga Burn” program is a great way for both losing weight and improving flexibility. You’ll feel much healthier, stronger and thinner! It’s definitely worth giving it a shot!

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