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15 Easy Desk Organization Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

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Whether you’re working from home or in your office, you most likely have a desk or some sort of workspace.

So, is your desk organized? Or, is it cluttered with papers, office supplies and tools?

Because a cluttered workspace makes for a cluttered mind. Not only will your desk looks less inviting, but it will also certainly affect your productivity at work!

When you need to find something, you will have to rummage through cluttered drawers and ended up wasting a lot of time.

Keeping your desk organized is going to create a stress-free space and allow you to focus on what really matters!

It will motivate you to work too since you won’t have to clear paper piles and junks out of your way all the time.

Without further ado, here are 15 easy desk organization hacks to boost your productivity!

1. Tidy Your Desk With A Desktop Organizer

rose gold desk organizer - desk organization hacks

Less desk clutter makes you more productive, and you can definitely get work done faster! This pretty rose gold desk organizer is great for holding all your office essentials so that they don’t clutter your desk.

You can layer things vertically while still be able to see everything and have easy access. Its beautiful design is perfect for those who want to add some tasteful, feminine touches to their tidy desk!

2. Get A Rolling Cart

desk organization rolling cart - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: The Everygirl

Rolling carts can be used in so many ways! If you have a small desk and it doesn’t have enough space for your stationery, books, magazine and other office supplies, you can get a rolling cart to hold all of them! There are just so many creative ways you could use a rolling cart to help increase storage space, especially for organizing your desk. Check out this super cool rolling cart that comes with a handy metal pegboard.

3. Organize Desk with a Storage Box Kit

Storage Box Kit - desk organization hacks

This storage box kit is great for organizing all your office supplies, keep your desk tidy and remove clutter. The different sizes also allow you to mix and match so you can use it as a drawer divider for your office desk as well.

4. Mini Cable Station

Mini Cable Station - desk organization hacks

You know how the cords are all over the floor when you’re not using them because they just slide from your desk onto the ground. This mini cable station keeps your loose cords all tucked in so they won’t have to search for them on the floor! Now you can find the cords all in one place when you need them.

5. Mason Jar Desk Organizers

Mason Jar Desk Organizer - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: The Everygirl

It’s a super easy desk organization idea that you can DIY using mason jars and wrapping paper. Having mason jars at your desk is perfect for holding your pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, etc! If you need the exact tutorial to make these, you can find it at It All Started With Paint.

6. Increase Your Space With A Pegboard

Desk with pegboard - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Fabric Paper Glue

If you have a pegboard backdrop, you can add a lot of space to your workspace with it. To maximize the most of the space on the pegboard, you can hang cup holders, wire baskets and shelves for more storage. The best part of all, you have plenty of room for decorations!

7. Organize Your Desk Drawers

Organize your desk drawers - desk organization hacks

A messy desk drawer is going to give you a hard time to find something when you need it. The desk drawer can be one of the most cluttered areas in your workspace. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to organize your desk drawer is to get drawer organizing trays to sort out all the items in your drawers.

8. Wall File Holders

Wall File Holders - desk organization hacks

Wall file holders are an excellent tool for holding files, papers and notebooks if you don’t have a filing cabinet or chest of drawers. It is a great way of using vertical storage in a small office as well. You can get to those files more quickly as compared to having them all stacked on your desk.

9. Store Small Office Supplies In a Tackle Box

Store office Supplies in Tackle Box - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Productive & Pretty

Are your paper clips or binder clips cluttering your desk? Or does it seem as if those small office supplies always disappear into thin air regularly? It’s easy to lose them if you don’t have designated storage for them. Use a tackle box to store all those little things like paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands, etc!

10. DIY Tall Desk Organizer

DIY Tall Desk Organizer - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Poppytalk

Try making a tall organizer with compartments and lean it against the wall. Poppytalk shows you how to build this wooden desk organizer so you can keep your workspace minimal and display things you need in a lovely way!

11. Label The Cords Under Your Desk

organize by labeling your chords - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Rachel Hollis

Look under your desk. Is there a bunch of cords jumbled together? And you aren’t even sure which one is the laptop and which one is the printer? When you have to find one particular cord and they’re tangled all together, it can be really messy and feel like clutter. Rachel Hollis used washi tape to label each cord. That way, your charging station will look pretty and organized!

12. Install a Shelf Over Your Desk

desk organization with shelf - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

The most common way of using a floating wall shelf is to display artwork but you can also use it for desk organization. Store your extra tech items or books on it, so you can have more room on your desk!

13. Keep Your To-Do List On The Desk

chalkboard tape on desk - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Sugar & Cloth

Stick some chalkboard tape on your table and you can have your office desk remember all your notes and to-dos! Attaching chalkboard tape gives you writing room to note down all the good ideas or important tasks that need to be done. Use a chalk marker or a piece of chalk if you have it. You can wipe them off easily to jot down new ideas or tasks too!

14. Transform Paper Clutter Into Decor

cool desk styling - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Paper & Stitch

Are there old postcards, drawings, notes or pictures stacks on your desk? Stick them on the wall to create a creative and fun display! Your workspace will definitely look more lively now!

15. Hold Cords With Binder Clips

binder clips hold cords - desk organization hacks

Image Credit: Hallmark Channel

Use binder clips by clipping them to the edge of your desk and rest the cords inside the handles. This will keep your cords organized when they’re unplugged.

Improve Your Productivity With These Desk Organization Ideas

If you’re still not sure where to begin, just pick one from the list above and start with it.

These desk organization hacks will surely help in decluttering your desk and improve your workspace so you can do your work effectively.

Nothing will reduce your productivity more than a cluttered workspace!

Let us know which one will you try first in the comments below!

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    As a remote worker going on 12 years it’s hard to find hacks that are more than obvious or generic. This pin has some of the better ones I figured out on my own and some need ones. Thank you for the creative ideas.

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