11 DIY Ideas To Organize With Recyclable Items | Want to organize without spending a ton of money? Try these DIY organization ideas with recyclable items! The things you are throwing away can actually be used to create amazing organizers! #diyorganizers #recycle #cheaporganization 11 DIY Ideas To Organize With Recyclable Items | Organize your home while saving money with these DIY organization ideas with recyclable items! The things you are throwing away can create amazing organizers, so organize in a budget! #diyorganizers #recycle #cheaporganization

11 DIY Ideas To Organize With Recyclable Items

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Organizing cluttered spaces can be challenging, as well as expensive! We often buy things to help us organize, and these costs could add up over time to a huge expense.

There are plenty of ways to get your home organized quickly and easily without spending a dime. You can do it with things you already have or items you throw out in the trash every week!

We’ve rounded up 10 brilliant DIY ideas to organize with recyclable items just for you. You’ll definitely love how easy and adorable they are!

1. DIY Tin Can Pencil Holders

DIY tin can pencil holder - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: Grillo Designs

Store your stationery in these stylish tin can pencil holders! You can make this easily with empty, clean metal tin cans and decorate it with either patterned fabric or craft paper. It’s a perfect idea if your kids need one for their homework stations. Check out Grillo Designs for the full tutorial.

2. Turning Boxes to Baskets

Boxes into Baskets - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: Elizabeth Joan Designs

Don’t go waste your money on storage baskets when you can make one yourself with boxes! It can be expensive to buy storage baskets, especially when you need more than one. Elizabeth Joan Designs created her own storage baskets using cardboard boxes, jute, fabric and glue.

You can use those boxes you get from Amazon and pillowcases for the fabric. Now you can add some shelving and increase storage space with cheap and cute DIY baskets!

3. Makeup Brush Organizer

paper towel tube make up organizer - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: Cathie Filian

Keep all your makeup brushes neat, organized and easy to find with a DIY makeup brush organizer. You can make one of these quickly using paper towel tubes. You can find the full tutorial at Cathie Filian & Steve Piacenza.

4. Shoebox Charging Station

Make a charging station out of a simple shoebox to organize and hide your cords. With all those cluttering cords out of sight, your countertop organization will have a major improvement.

5. Recycled Can Cutlery Holder

Recycled can cutlery holder - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: Home-Dzine

Use recycled cans to make yourself a cute cutlery holder! All you’ll need is some cans, paint and a piece of wood. You can also add a leather strap from an old handbag to serve as a handle so you can carry it around easily for parties. Home-Dzine shows you how they do it!

6. DIY Drawer Dividers With Cereal Boxes

Cereal Box Desk Drawer Organizer Before & After - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: IHeart Organizing

It can be expensive to get drawer dividers and fill up all drawers in your home. You can start saving money by creating your own drawer dividers! IHeart Organizing has an easy tutorial on how to make them using cereal boxes and pretty papers. So, remember to start collecting those food boxes instead of throwing them away.

7. Recycled Glass Jars Turned Stylish Office Storage

Stylish Recycled Storage Jars - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: Little House of Four

If you have a few glass jars that are ready for recycling, why not turn them into stylish storage jars instead? Little House of Four shows you how they turn their glass jars into beautiful containers for office supplies. With a little creativity and using what you have, you can make yourself a beautiful canister set and store whatever you like!

8. Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder Cereal Box - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: Plaid

There are so many ways to transform a simple cereal box into something super useful! Plaid has an easy project with instructions for you to turn a cereal box into a beautiful magazine holder using just color papers and Mod Podge.

9. Cell Phone Holder Made From Lotion Bottle

cell phone holder made from lotion bottle - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: Make It & Love It

Got an empty lotion bottle? This gorgeous cell phone holder is actually made from an old lotion bottle. It holds your phone and cord so you can have your phone charged without the charging cable dangling around (A dangling cable can be potentially dangerous!). Check out the full tutorial on how to make one at Make It & Love It.

10.Cord Organizers

Cord Organizer - organize with recyclable items

Image Credit: One Good Thing

Keep those cables organized with toilet paper rolls! This is a cheap and brilliant solution to prevent your cables from tangling with each other. You can make them look pretty by adding labels and decorate them with washi tape. The next time you need any of these cables, you can grab them easily!

11. DIY Rope Basket With Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles can look luxurious too! You can add twine to the plastic bottles that you’re about to throw away and transform them into awesome rope baskets. Remember to add a few pom poms or tassels to give it a rich, prettier look. You can find the tutorial for this DIY rope basket below.

Get Organized Using Recycled Materials

Next time when you’re about to get rid of those cardboard tubes, empty tin cans, bottles or boxes, have a look at them if they could potentially be your next DIY organizer!

Save money and save the earth using things you already have to organize your home.

Which DIY project you are going to start first?

Or, let us know how do you organize your home with recyclable items?

Share your DIY ways to organize in the comments below!

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