7 Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing | How to organize your house? Start with these easy home organization tricks when you're overwhelmed by the mess! These organization hacks are great for busy people who want to have an organized home but don't have enough time. #homeorganization #organizationtips #organizationtricks 7 Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing | Don't know where and how to start organizing your home? These easy home organization tricks will help you to start when you're overwhelmed by the mess! #organization #organizationtips #organizationtricks #organizinghome

7 Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing

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You want to organize your house but just looking at the cupboard with books and papers spilling out makes you feel like putting it off for another time.

We are can agree that organizing the house requires effort and time.

The good news is it can be done in simpler ways.

When organizing your home, the first thing to overcome is – Starting.

In this post, you will learn 7 easy home organization tips that you can START implementing right away to make your home more organized.

1. Make Organization Easy

Spacious dining room interior with wooden chairs at desk - Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing

If putting away something takes more than a few seconds, chances are it will most likely be left out than put in its correct place.

Make your organization habits or routines simple and easy.

Have a rack near the entrance than a rack in the closet so shoes are more likely to be taken off and put on the rack.

Your children are more likely to put their laundry in the basket near a place where they always walk past.

Get a key holder so all your keys are in the same place. No more finding lost keys!

Sometimes a little, simple tweak in your daily habits can be the most effective way of encouraging organization.

2. Defining a Purpose For Your Space

Look at all the space in your home and take the time to think about how each space is used in your home.

Where does the clutter in your home tend to be?

Could the way you use that area be improved in a better way?

The simplest method is to have a purpose for each space.

For example, you can have a drawer for only your make-up tools and skincare sets, another for only your stationery and another drawer for just your accessories.

CLEANING CLOSET - Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing

Image credit: The 36th Avenue

The 36th Avenue has a cleaning closet. They turn their closet into a place where they store all their cleaning tools and items for daily chores.

It is very creative of them to use the shoe organizers for other purposes too! One hanging on the door for storing cleaning items and the other one in the closet for tissue rolls.

From the smallest drawer to the biggest room, you can define a purpose for these spaces so that only the right things go into it.

3. Declutter

Before untidy after tidy wardrobe with winter clothes and accessories - Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing

If you try to organize a house full of clutter, you are just going to fail. Because at the end of the day, an organized mess is still a mess.

Furthermore, trying to find space for things that you don’t really need can leave you frustrated easily.

Before you start organizing your home, declutter first!

One of the best home organization tips we’ve been using for years is by going into each room in your home, look at every item and ask yourself these questions.

  • Have I used this item in the past 3 months?
  • Do I really need more than 1 of these?
  • Can I donate, sell or throw this item away?

4. Create Storage Solutions For Everything

Boxes for separate storage of linen in a drawer.

You can use each space in your closets and drawers not just wisely, but also creatively.

Some storage solutions like having a back-of-door hanging organizer, drawer dividers or under bed storage can help you organize and store your items very efficiently.

Labeling storage makes your organizing system work even better too. Now everyone knows what goes where and not leaving things around randomly!

Some of our favorite storage solutions are purchased on Amazon!

In fact, you can easily find plenty of amazing and low-priced storage items there. Although they are cheap, they are practical and can be used in many creative ways.

So, it doesn’t have to be expensive to organize your home.

Check out storage solutions on Amazon here

5. Take Small Actionable Steps

Living room with table - Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing

If you set a goal of organizing your whole house in one day, you might get demotivated and overwhelmed by the amount of work.

The best way to achieve any goal is to break it down into small, simple and manageable steps with a time frame to complete them.

For example, maybe you decided to organize just your living room this week. You can break it down into a few days like below.

  • Day 1: Declutter
  • Day 2: Plan storage solutions
  • Day 3: Clean & Organize

If your room is too big for you to start with, you can break it down to even smaller areas. Start with your desk or your closet.

Heck, you can just start with one drawer in the kitchen.

Just doing one small step every day is a step closer to having an organized home.

6. The Three-Box Method

three-box-method - Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing

Image credit: amazing and low-priced storage items

This is one of the most popular organizational tips – the “Three-Box Method”. It works because it forces you to make a decision on each item.

Get the 3 boxes or storage bins and label them as to keep, toss and store.

This is a system that’s perfect for sorting items, especially when you go through each room and spaces for decluttering.

7. Start from the Bottom Up

Wooden staircase - Easy Home Organization Tips to Help You Start Organizing

Work from the bottom rooms of your house first, then to the top. You could also do the opposite which is top to bottom if it’s better for you.

Start with one room at a time.

You can also do different rooms on different days. This will help you to stay focused and make it less overwhelming.

Get Your Home Organized

Most of us always put off organizing our home because we just don’t have the energy or motivation for it.

But, you can always start by breaking it down the process into smaller pieces or just making a few small tweaks about your habits and routines.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to organize your entire house all at once.

Once you start doing tiny actions, it will become a natural progression and you will surely become more organized without realizing it.

Also, an organized, decluttered home is the best home to stay in. When it’s clean and organized, you will feel much more cozier, happier and healthier in your home.

Which of these home organization tips are you going to try first?

Let us know in the comments below!

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