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15 Habits Of People With Organized Homes

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Creating an organized home is a big part of improving your lifestyle. If it’s constantly in a disorderly state, you’ll feel overwhelmed which causes stress. But having a living environment that is in a clean and orderly state helps your mind to feel calm and peaceful.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to keep your home organized! What can help you to do so is to create cleaning habits.

If you are struggling to keep your home clean and organized, here are 15 habits of people with organized homes that you should consider practicing from now on!

1. Make Daily To-Do List

Make Daily To-Do List - habits of people with organized homes

To be more specific, make a daily to-do cleaning list! This is the list where you can state down all the daily organizing and cleaning tasks you need to get done. You’ll find that you’re more able to keep track of your household and achieve an organized home.

There’s plenty of ways you can make to-do lists. You can go old school with pen and paper. Get creative by using colored paper or stickers! The point here is to make them fun and exciting. You can also create them on your electronic devices with list-making apps available.

2. Set a 15 minute cleaning regime

Try setting a timer so that you don’t feel it’s going to take forever. During this period of time, you want to focus only on top cleaning priorities.

Start off with the chores that are creating the most clutter, or a chore that needs to be done before you go to bed.

Plus, if you do it together as a family, it doesn’t seem so bad when everyone is cleaning together.

3. Sort Through Mails Daily

Sort Through Mails Daily - habits of people with organized homes

An organized home has an organized mail system. This includes stacks of mail, your children’s papers, and other paperwork that needs to be sorted out.

The best way is to deal with them on the day you receive them. Open and clear all the unnecessary mail. All bills should be opened and filed accordingly if unpaid. Your children’s papers should be sorted with a filing system or have a proper place at home.

Rule of thumb: If you don’t need the paper, it belongs to the recycle bin.

4. Keep The Floors Clean and Clear

Keep The Floors Clean and Clear - habits of people with organized homes

Keeping your floors clean and clear helps to keep your home organized. If you find yourself looking for places to put your things, get a basket or drawers. Everything has its proper place. Allocate your items into them to avoid tossing your things on the floor. The next time you take them out to use, you’ll know exactly where you should place them back.

5. Don’t Leave A Room Empty-Handed

One of the best habits of people with organized homes is they always take a quick scan of the room to see if there is anything that doesn’t belong.

If it belongs to the room you are going, bring it with you!

But take only what you have time to put back in place. It could be just some laundry that needs to be put back upstairs. This is a habit that you can practice which helps you to save precious time and energy.

6. Load The Laundry Every Day

Load The Laundry Every Day - habits of people with organized homes

Laundry work can be a pain. But once you get into a good rhythm each day, you’ll love how neat your home looks!

Get into the habit of loading your laundry each day in the morning. This is crucial especially to large families where laundry piles up fast every week. The trick here is to find a good rhythm to do laundry that fits your schedule.

If you are not able to use the dryer before you leave home for work, try opting for the delay feature on your machine. It will be easy for you to put in the dryer once you get back home. In case your machine doesn’t have this feature, you can also load the machine in the morning. Whenever you get home, simply start the cycle.

7. Keep Cleaning Supplies Ready

One way you can easily clean your bathroom is to stock them up with basic cleaning supplies. This includes supplies such as a toilet scrub brush, multi-purpose cleaner, polishing cloths.

Making them easily accessible helps to make cleaning fast and hassle-free. For instance, you see an icky toothpaste spit, you wipe it easily. Once you develop the habit to do these simple cleaning tasks, you’ll find that you don’t even need to clean your bathroom from top to bottom that often!

8. Load The Dishwasher Before Bedtime

Load The Dishwasher Before Bedtime - habits of people with organized homes

Do you know what’s the beginning of a crappy morning?

Waking up to dirty dishes in the sink.

How to avoid this? Simple! Load the dishwasher before going to bed every night. That way you’ll wake up refreshed with clean dishes and a clean sink.

9. Make The Bed In The Morning

Making the bed every morning may seem like a mundane task, but it’s a life-changer. Once you develop the habit of making the beds, you’ll find that your room looks instantly neater. It’s soothing to the eyes, and it makes your room feel more peaceful. The best way is to get it done as soon as you get out of bed. It only takes under a minute to get this done!

10. Wipe and Clear Counters Every Day

Wipe and Clear Counters Every Day

It’s the same concept as having clean floors. With your counters clean, it’s much easier to work around the house.

Kitchen counters are a must. You should clean them after each meal to keep it hygiene. You should do the same for bathroom counters. Start by putting your toiletries away, and wipe your sink and counter dry.

11. Think Carefully Before Bringing New Items Home

Being mindful of the new items you bring back home is just as important as clearing them.

People with organized homes make careful decisions before buying something. A good deal is not a reason to buy new home decor or kitchen items.

You want to make sure the things you buy for your home serves a purpose, and not just taking up space. Plus, doing so can help you save extra money!

12. Clean your fridge every week

Clean your fridge every week

Decrease clutter in your fridge by doing a weekly cleaning. This helps to make new room for groceries as you remove unwanted items. Your fridge will less likely have stinky odors too because you’ll be discarding items that are expiring.

If there’s a liquid spill in the fridge, make sure your clean up as fast as you can!

13. Don’t Let Clutter Control You

Have you ever thought to yourself while cleaning, “I think I’m going to keep this, just in case”?

Trust us, we’ve all been there.

But this is exactly what it means to not allow clutter to control you. You have to take control over the clutter and realize when it is the time to let things go.

14. Use the 3-month rule.

Moving forward from the above point, use this as a guideline.

The 3-month rule goes like this: If you haven’t been using something for three months, it’s time to let it go.

You don’t necessarily have to throw it in the trash. There are other options like donating them to charity. If you’re having a hard time letting go, find comfort that you’re helping someone else who needs it more than you do right now.

15. Get The Whole Family Involved!

You can start with simple things.

It can be as simple as putting their shoes away after coming into the house or cleaning their own rooms. Have everyone in the family put things back to their designated area. As your children get older, you may add more cleaning tasks.

It’s a lot easier to get a well-organized home if you get the whole family on board. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Start implementing these 15 cleaning habits to create an organized home! As practice them daily, you’ll find that you will save a lot of time on keeping your homes clean. But most importantly, you’ll feel happier living in a clean, cozy home!

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  • Cynthia A. Thedford
    Posted at 07:04h, 22 July Reply

    Thank you for the cleaning and organizing tips! Although alot of us know what needs to be done, reading and hearing tips of “how to” makes sense and plants the seed!
    I am excited to begin making life more pleasant for myself and my family!

    • Grace and Zhen
      Posted at 08:07h, 23 July Reply

      Hi Cynthia,

      Yes, sometimes reading tips reminds us of the actions we need to take! Glad you love the post!

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