Having a hard time with the keto diet? Fret not! These useful hacks and tricks will help make your ketogenic diet super easy.

Keto Hacks: 10 Ways To Make Your Ketogenic Diet Super Easy

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So, you just started the ketogenic diet?

That’s great!

Whether you’re on a journey to lose weight, get in shape or other health reasons. You, who decided on being healthy have done yourself a great deed.

At the beginning of the ketogenic diet, it can be hard to follow through the diet. The simplest way to keep yourself committed to the ketogenic diet is to make it easier.

To help you stick to the keto diet, we have prepared some super useful tips and tricks for you. These hacks are easy to follow and might even make your keto diet effortless too!

But before that, if you’re still not very familiar with the ketogenic diet, you might want to check out our beginner’s keto guide to learn more about it!

Okay, let’s get into it!

Try High-Fat Snacks

Homemade Fatty Pork Rinds - Keto hacks

Most snacks are made of refined carbohydrates, such as candy bars, cookies and pretzels.

They taste really good! That’s for sure. However, shortly after you eat them, you tend to feel hungry again. Unable to satisfy your craving, you might keep snacking more and more.

The keto diet focuses on foods high in fat because it keeps you full for longer. So, during your snack time, try having snacks that are high in fat. They keep you full and satisfied longer, giving you more appetite control.

Now that you already know, start replacing those bad sugary, high-carb snacks with high-fat snacks today. You won’t start craving for snacks as often as before!

You Should Eat Your Eggs

Healthy Deviled Eggs as an Appetizer - Keto Hacks

Not only that eggs are healthy, but they’re also very versatile in the Keto food pyramid. Fry, boil, scramble or poach, you can cook them in any way that you like.

Eggs are a good protein source and they’re cheap to add into your keto diet too.

So, instead of having cereals which are high-carb food, go for eggs and bacon. Remember we can cook the egg it in any way we like? This way, you can try a different recipe every morning too!

Buy Veggie in Bulk

Raw healthy food, clean eating vegetables in bulk - Keto Hacks

Buy vegetables in bulk! They can be stored in the freezer and defrost them only when needed.

Despite being frozen, they have exactly the same amount of nutrients as fresh vegetables. They are also convenient, cheap, and most importantly, they decrease the number of times you need to go to the grocery store.

Furthermore, you can wash, peel and cut them in all kinds of sizes to store them into different containers. When preparing your meals, you can add them into your recipe with almost zero prep time!

This is also a good way to prompt yourself to eat more vegetables, plus it saves you a lot of time.

Prepare Your Own Meals in Advance

For any ketogenic dieters, preparing your own meals is important if you want to stick to your keto diet. This is definitely a good habit to have, though sometimes it can be hard to take out some time to do so.

Make a meal plan that strategizes what meal to prepare for the entire week. This will make your grocery list consistent so it will be easier for you since you already know what to buy.

Start preparing your meals in batches beforehand and store or freeze them. In the morning, you can just grab one and go for work!

To get your keto diet meals started, we’ve compiled a list of keto recipes that is easy to learn ad supper effective!

Say No to Sugary Food and Drinks

refusing to consume tasty delicious sweets on a plate - Keto Hacks

Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in any modern diet. Especially in the keto diet, you need to try to avoid sugary food and drinks.

They will mess up your body from getting into ketosis. Always check the label when you shop at the grocery.

For example, fruit juices can be easily found in any supermarket and you’ll think those are okay to drink. On the contrary, most fruit juices in a bottle or carton are processed fruit juices which aren’t the same as the fresh fruit juices you made in your kitchen. They’re high in sugar, low in nutrients and sometimes added with chemicals.

Be mindful of what you’re eating. Start avoiding foods like donuts, candy bars, soda and food that’s obviously super sweet too.

Tip: Check the labels, skip the sugar, stay keto!

If you’re wondering what can you eat while staying keto, we’ve compiled a list of keto snacks that will help you with ketosis.

Save Time with No Bake Keto Desserts

Dark chocolate brownies with raspberries - Keto Hacks

We’re all busy humans and it can be time-consuming if you always have to bake desserts. Fret not! Try out some of these No Bake Keto Desserts Recipe.

You can make them in advance and freeze or store them in jars. That’s why so many people love them because they are so easy to prepare! Anytime you feel like satisfying your sweet tooth after a meal, you can just take out your keto desserts and munch on them too.

Unlike ordinary desserts that are packed with sugar, keto desserts are low-carb, low sugar and keto-friendly.

Here is a list of quick and easy no- bake keto dessert recipes to try out!

Get Rid of Diet Drinks

Diet drinks are always marketed as sugar-free, low-calorie or even zero-calorie. Despite that, they are added with artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and have no significant nutrition at all.

Because they’re few to zero calories and does not have any significant nutrition, diet drinks aren’t something that is good in your keto diet.

Practicing intermittent fasting

Before proceeding with this, make sure you consult your doctor whether you’re able to do intermittent fasting.

This is an excellent way to get into ketosis. Typically, you can go for 13-15 hours between dinner and breakfast. This allows your body to find other sources of fuel aside from stored glucose.

And the good news is if your body is unable to find glucose due to the fasting, it will start burning store fats instead.

Here is an article that talks about Why Keto Is More Effective With Intermittent Fasting.

Environment Often Matters More

Whenever possible, you have to design an environment that helps you to automate your decisions. Imagine placing a delicious, unhealthy food on the table or next to the couch. Then, see what happens when you’re stressed and hungry. Yup, you probably would eat it.

Okay, I know that the example given doesn’t really apply to everyone. But, there are times that we just can’t control our cravings. We have plenty of motivation and willpower when we first started any diet. It’s easy to say “no” to all those unhealthy food in the beginning.

However, in the long run, you’re not going to be motivated all the time. There are just some days that your cravings are bigger than your willpower. That’s because it just requires lesser effort to satisfy your cravings than to resist it.

The best approach is to change your food environment so that it helps you to make better choices. Set up an environment with the right food around you and get rid of everything else that you know that you shouldn’t eat.

Below are some steps you can do to at home:

  • Remove unhealthy or high-carbs foods in your home

    If you have to keep them, then at least move them to somewhere that is hard for you to see or access. This is to prevent your cravings from triggering.

  • Prep keto-friendly food options in advance

    Have them prepare beforehand and place them in places with convenient access. This will help you to make healthier choices easier, and at the same time stick to your keto diet.

  • Only use small plates

    It is believed that using a smaller plate makes the food portion looks bigger. As a result, this effect makes you eat lesser.

  • Cure your sweet tooth

    On some days, we just can’t hold back our cravings, and having something sweet is the only option. Don’t worry, you can check out some keto desserts recipe here. Although keto-friendly desserts can satisfy your cravings, they aren’t meant to be binged on.

This hack will unquestionably make your ketogenic diet journey so much easier. It puts your decision-making on autopilot and no willpower, discipline or restriction needed too.

Change Your Lifestyle

Eating the correct foods is important, but it can go beyond just that. Some factors that could contribute to the ketogenic diet are getting great sleep, reduce stress, exercise frequently, stay positive or just simply increase your movement to be more active in your daily life.

We hope these keto hacks and tips will help make things easier if you just started your Keto diet. Now that you’ve uncovered some of these hacks, staying in the keto diet will be much more effortless than before!

Think you also have some tips to share with everyone? Share with us in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!

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