12 Laundry Room Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier | These laundry room ideas are going to make you love doing laundry again! With these laundry room tricks and laundry room organization ideas, doing laundry will be so much easier! #laundryhacks #laundryorganization 12 Laundry Room Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier | These laundry room organization ideas are going to make you love doing laundry again! Try these laundry room tricks and laundry room organization hacks today! #laundryhacks #laundryorganization #laundryroom 12 Laundry Room Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier | Need some organization ideas for your laundry room? Try these laundry room tricks and laundry room organization hacks today! #laundryhacks #laundryorganization #laundryroom #organization

12 Laundry Room Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Laundry room can become a mess really quickly!

Well, it’s one of those rooms that most of us tend to ignore, correct?

And we get it, but it’s time to turn the laundry room into a stylish and organized space once and for all. With a system in place, chaos and clutter are less likely to build.

Here are 12 laundry room organization hacks that will make your life so much easier!

1. Slim Rolling Cart

Slim Rolling Cart - laundry room hacks

There’s always an awkward gap between your washing machine, dryer, cabinets or wall, and this space can be utilized too. You can get a slim rolling cart to store your laundry products. Make those gaps work for you too!

2. Putting Your Door to Work

laundry room door rack - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: My Sweet Savannah

A typically overlooked storage space is the back of the door in your laundry room. Start by searching for storage solutions designed for closets. You could mount a few hooks on the door to hang laundry bags or, even better, hang a multi-tier door rack which can offer you plenty of additional space for your laundry items.

3. Catch Detergent Drip

detergent drip catchers

Dripping detergents can really cause an unsightly mess and long cleanups! You can grab some of these convenient detergent drip catchers to collect the drips in a cup. This will prevent wasted detergent and also avoid sticky detergent residue on surfaces (which is hard to clean by the way).

4. Keep Your Clothes Separated by Color

four-piece laundry hamper sorter - laundry room hacks

Have the kids toss their whites, darks and colors into the designated hamper so you can skip separating the colors by yourself. This four-piece laundry hamper sorter has wheels that allow you to move the cart easily from room-to-room. No more dragging around a heavy laundry basket of clothes!

5. Make a Lint Bin

Lint Bin - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: Polished Habitat

Most of us don’t have a regular trash can in the laundry room which leads to a dilemma when you want to find a place to throw the lint away. Melissa at Polished Habitat created her own lint bin with a brochure holder! You could actually also get a pre-made lint holder in Amazon too.

6. Hang a Laundry Guide

Laundry Sorting Guide - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: Everyday Best

Create a laundry sorting guide and hang it in your laundry room with command strips. It will remind you or your young ones (especially if they just started doing their own laundry!) of the best washing machine temperatures for different laundry colors and items. You can get free laundry printables at Everyday Best.

7. Hang Your Ironing Board

Hang Your Ironing Board - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: The Wood Grain Cottage

You feel troublesome every time when you need to use the ironing board because that means you have to take it out from the closet or at the back of another room. This DIY rack is a brilliant way to keep your bulky ironing board in the laundry room without getting in the way. The Wood Grain Cottage shows you the steps to make one.

8. Open Shelving

Expandable Laundry Room Organizer - laundry room hacks

No more floor space? Use the wall space then! Install these expandable shelves in your laundry room for more storage. It’s great for organizing all your laundry supplies on the shelves and hang your clothes too.

9. Create a Folding Station

Laundry Room Folding Station - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: Vintage Revivals

You might have a little space to add a folding station, even if it’s a small laundry room. If you’re handy, consider installing a countertop on top of your washing machines. Vintage Revivals has a great tutorial!

10. Label Your Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets labelled with colors - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: Make It & Love It

You can have different labels like colors, whites, darks, towels and sheets for each basket. This way, you’ll get your family members to help in sorting the laundry too by labeling the laundry baskets (grab the exact baskets here!). If you like to build the entire laundry basket cabinet, you can check out the tutorial at Make It & Love It.

11. Combine Slatwall and Hooks

combine slatwall and hooks - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Use a piece of Slatwall and attached a few hooks to hang baskets, brooms, mops and any laundry supplies! This will get everything off the floor too and gives you easy access. Check out the tutorial at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia where they took a Slatwall and transform it into an awesome laundry room organizer.

12. Keep a Jar for Loose Change

Keep the change jar - laundry room hacks

Image Credit: Pinterest

Most of us would probably forget to check our pockets for loose change which can cause damage to your washing machine. With a jar in your laundry room, it might just remind you to do a quick check on the pockets before dumping the clothes into the washing machine.

Oh, and you’d be surprised at how much loose change you can accumulate in the jar as time pass!

Start With These Laundry Room Organization Ideas

It’s easy to just let clothes pile up in the laundry room, but with the right tools, you can keep your stuff organized!

Start by investing in some of these laundry room organization solutions to get your laundry room in shape once and for all.

Let us know which one you would try first?

Or, if you think you have a cool laundry room hack, share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it!

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