Start your day pumped and energized with this quick 13 minute morning yoga! It will help to activate your muscles and keep your blood flowing.  #yoga #yogaroutine #yogaworkout Start your day with a quick morning yoga to get your body energized! A good yoga workout every day will make your body stronger. Morning yoga routines plus morning yoga stretches will help you start your day right, even if you're a yoga beginner! You can do this yoga at home too! Start your morning with these morning yoga poses for a better mood and energy! #morningyoga #yogaroutine #yoga

Morning Yoga: A Quick 13-Minute Wake-Up Routine

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Doing a morning yoga practice helps your body and mind to start the day right. You will feel energize and relaxed at the same time.

Most people get out of bed feeling groggy. Even if you’re a morning person, you can wake up early but may not feel as energized as you could.

To start your day with the energy you need, we can do a simple yoga routine in the morning.

This yoga sequence will stretch and activate all those muscles in your body while also getting your blood flowing.

So get out of bed, and get on your yoga mat!

The 13-Minute Morning Yoga Sequence

Below is the sequence of the wake-up routine:

  • Child’s Pose – 60 seconds
  • Cobra Pose – 60 seconds
  • Downward Facing Dog Pose – 60 seconds
  • Standing Forward Bend – 60 seconds
  • Extended Triangle Pose – 60 seconds each side
  • The Lunge Pose – 60 seconds each side
  • Warrior II Pose – 60 seconds each side
  • Standing Forward Bend – 30 seconds
  • Downward Facing Dog Pose – 30 seconds
  • Upward Plank Pose – 60 seconds
  • Cobra Pose – 30 seconds
  • Child’s Pose – 30 seconds

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is a resting pose that opens up the hips, thighs, ankles and legs. The gentle stretch on your back will relax your spine, shoulders and neck. This relieves tension from your back.

You will feel an increase in blood circulation to your head which calms your mind and headaches. This pose is meant to help you to enter a relaxed state with the least amount of effort!

Beginner’s tip

If your head doesn’t reach the yoga mat, you may use a cushion and rest your forehead on it.

Cobra Pose

Nothing beats a morning stretch with a cobra pose!

After a good night’s sleep, your back is most likely stiff from lying down all night. So, the first thing we’re going to do in this routine will be the cobra pose to loosen up that back of yours.

The cobra pose will strengthen your spine and firm your buttocks. When you are doing the pose correctly, you’ll find yourself flexing your butt.

It also stretches your chest, shoulders and abs. It helps to relieve stress and fatigue and open the lungs to allow more oxygen.

Beginner’s Tip

Only do the backbend at the level that you’re comfortable with. Avoid straining your back.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Start by placing your hands and knees on the mat. Your knees are directly below your hips and hands slightly forward of your shoulders. Exhale and lift up your knees while bringing your butts toward the ceiling. Straighten your knees without locking them.

Push the top of your thighs back, stretching your heels down towards the floor. Straighten your knees but be sure not to lock them. Your fingers are pressing on the floor actively with firm outer arms. Keep your head between the arms.

This pose calms the brain, helps relieve stress, headaches and mild depression. It Strengthens the hamstrings and calves. At the same time, you will feel the stretch in the shoulders, back and hands.

Once you’re done with this pose, you will instantly feel energized!

Beginner’s Tip

Struggling with opening your shoulders in the downward facing dog pose? You can use yoga blocks or a small chair to raise your hands off the floor.

Standing Forward Bend

There is another variation for this which is the seated forward bend. However, we want to do the standing forward bend in the morning because it gives a deeper stretch and increases blood flow.

This yoga pose calms the brain, relieves stress and mild depression. It stretches your back, spine, neck, hamstrings and calves. It also strengthens your knees and thighs.

The forward fold can help reduce fatigue, relieves headache or insomnia as well. It is definitely a great way of getting into a relaxed mood.

Beginner’s Tip

If you aren’t as flexible, you can use a yoga block or a book to help you with the bend.

Extended Triangle Pose

The triangle pose may seem easy, but it is harder to do than it looks. This pose requires all the muscles of your body to work together and it’s a good stretch for your legs.

It stretches and strengthens the hips, knees, ankles and thighs. When done correctly, you will feel a good stretch in your spine, opening up your chest and shoulders.

This pose can also help relieve stress and backaches, so you will be in a relaxed state both mind and body.

Beginner’s Tip

If you are having trouble with balance, you can have the back of your torso against a wall.

The Lunge Pose

A great follow-up pose after the downward facing dog. This pose stretches your hips, core, glutes and quads while strengthening them. You will develop stamina and endurance in your thighs if you do this long term.

When doing this pose, you can go slowly and try not to push yourself beyond your limit.

The lunge pose will also improve your balance and concentration and mental awareness.

Beginner’s Tip

If you feel uncomfortable raising your arms, you can keep your hands on your front thighs.

Warrior II Pose

The Warrior II Pose will strengthen and stretch your legs and ankles. It will also open up your chest, groins and shoulders.

Generally, it is an easy pose to give you a good morning stretch. It also helps to relieve backaches as well.

Beginner’s Tip

When you do the warrior II pose, keep your pelvis neutral. If your pelvis or your lower back isn’t comfortable, try adjusting it until it feels natural.

Upward Plank Pose

Plank in the morning?

It may seem like this requires a lot of effort, but the upward plank pose can help you to end your morning yoga routine in a great way. It activates all the muscles in your body and you’re all set to start off your day.

You probably already know planks are good for a lot of things. The upward plank pose particularly strengthens your arms, wrist and legs.

It also stretches the shoulders, chest and ankles. You will have a better posture and improved sense of balance too.

Beginner’s Tip

If it’s hard to lift yourself up, you can use a chair in the beginning. Sit near the edge of the chair and place your hands near the back edge of the chair. Inhale and lift your pelvis. Then inhale again, slowly extend each leg.

You’re All Set For Your Day Now

After a good stretch like this, your body will feel wide awake and in a relaxed state of mind. Plus, doing yoga in the morning has plenty of benefits.

Remember to keep this a habit. Try to do this yoga routine every morning and you will feel awesome and energized every single day!

If you still feel sluggish or tired, you can try extending the yoga sequence longer for better effect.

You can also easily add in some yoga poses for weight loss if you want to shed some pounds.

Have we missed your favorite from the list? If so, let us know what it is!

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