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12 Brilliant Ways To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

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It can be really frustrating if you have a cluttered and unorganized kitchen. Most of the time, the cluttered mess happens in our kitchen cabinets.

This often affects our cooking and baking experience. For example, when you’re trying to find the measuring spoon that’s always missing or trying to get the pan that’s stacked under 6 of the others.

To solve these problems and have an organized kitchen once again, you can start with these 12 brilliant ways to organize your kitchen cabinets.

1. Organize Baking Sheets Vertically

baking sheets slide between tension rods

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Pulling a cookie sheet out from under six other sheets in your kitchen cabinet is a real pain. Instead of stacking them on top of each other, you can store them vertically. Using tension rods provides you separate vertical slots so you can slip baking sheets in and out easily.

Baking Sheets Organizer - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

Alternatively, you can also store all your baking sheets with these organizer racks in your kitchen cabinet to keep them organized vertically.

2. Use Shelf Organizers

Expandable Shelf Organizer - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

Another great tip for creating more space in your kitchen cabinet is to use expandable shelf organizers. It’s great for organizing plates, cups, bowls and canned goods in your cabinet. This is perfect for those who have plenty of vertical space in their kitchen cabinets, but the vertical spaces are not fully utilized.

3. Use an Over Cabinet Door Basket

Over Cabinet Door Organizer Holder - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

The classic over the door hanging baskets is a must to have! It utilizes dead spaces so you have more storage space to store cutting boards, wrappers, plastic bags, etc. They are very versatile because there are just so many different ways you can organize with these baskets.

Not to mention they are a cheap solution to add more storage space to organize your kitchen cabinets. You can find one here on Amazon!

4. Separate Food Containers Lids

Separate Food Containers Lids - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

Image Credit: Driven By Decor

For this method to work, you’ll need to first make sure you have matching food containers. Get rid of any loners so you won’t have to figure out which lid is for which container. Then to organize them, the best way we’ve found is to use a lid organizer that stands the lids upright, allowing the bottom of the food containers to stack with each other. Just by doing this alone, you will be surprised how much space is free up in your kitchen cabinet without spending a ton of money and time!

5. Stick Command Hooks In Your Baking Cabinet

Stick Command Hooks in your kitchen cabinet - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

Image Credit: Driven By Decor

One of the most common problems in the kitchen is losing your measuring spoons or you can’t find your little measuring cups. The best way to solve this problem is by sticking a command key rail into your kitchen cabinet and hang your measuring cups and spoons! It’s such an easy and simple idea to keep your baking equipment organized!

6. Storing Knives in Drawers

Storing Knives in Drawers - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

If you are trying to save some counter space, you can ditch the knife block since it takes up a lot of space. Instead of storing them on your countertop, keep them in your kitchen drawers and organized in a drawer knives organizer. We use this 2-tier knife organizer since it provides safe storage and easy access when we need our knives.

7. Use Pans Organizers

Pans Organizers - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

It can be annoying to keep moving around heavily stacked pans to get the right pan that you need. They can also clutter your cabinet quickly if you don’t organize them! So, Use pan organizers to hold all your pans in an organized way so you can pull out one in a matter of seconds without digging through hazardously piled pans.

8. Kitchen Measurement Chart

Place this handy kitchen measurement guide inside of your cabinet door to help you organize your measuring cups and spoons! It also serves as a quick guide for measurement conversions which will be very useful for cooking and baking. The full set is available here!

9. Store Garbage Bags on a Rod

Image Credit: Driven By Decor

Ditch the clunky trash bag boxes and save cabinet spaces! You can do this by putting a dowel rod through your trash bag roll and hang it on a curtain rod hook. It is that simple! Check out the full tutorial at Simply Organized.

10. Organize Corner Cabinets with Lazy Susans

Organized Kitchen Corner Cabinet Before After - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

Image Credit: I Heart Organizing

If you have corner kitchen cabinets, you’ll know that they are deep! The items that are stored inside are always hard to reach, especially the ones in the back. One way to solve this is to use lazy susans to keep your corner cabinets organized and they will also make the items easier to reach when you need them! Here is a good and cheap one!

11. Hold Spray Bottles with Towel Bar

hold spray bottle with towel bar - brilliant ways to organize kitchen cabinets

Image Credit: Home Road

Another cool hack for using the kitchen cabinet door! Hang a bathroom towel bar over the cabinet door as a holder for spray bottles. No more bending down to reach for them!

12. Store Food in Labeled Containers

Store Food in Labeled Containers

Image Credit: The Social Home

If you don’t know where to start to organize your kitchen, start with the food storage. Put them in food containers and label them. And when every time you open up your cabinet and see them, you’re going to feel really organized and accomplished.

Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

With all these useful tricks to organize kitchen cabinets, your kitchen will be neat and tidy once again!

Which one of these tips are you going to implement first?

Or, how would you organize your kitchen cabinets?

Let us know in the comments below!

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