15 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Kitchen | Are you struggling to keep your kitchen organized? Do you need some kitchen organization tips? Here are 15 kitchen organization tricks for your counters, pantry, fridge, freezer, cabinets, and drawers! #kitchenorganization #organizekitchen #kitchenorganizationtips It can be hard organizing a small kitchen, especially if you lack kitchen storage. Here are some kitchen organization ideas to help organize your kitchen. So, try out these kitchen DIY ideas and kitchen organization tips now! #organizekitchen #kitchenideas #kitchenorganization

15 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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No matter how big your kitchen is, it’s safe to say you could use a little more space.

And, keeping your kitchen at least somewhat clutter-free and organized will definitely free up a lot more space.

These are 15 awesome ways to organize your kitchen and create a better kitchen!

1. Store Your Spices in Drawers

spice organizer - organize your kitchen

Remember that time when you tried to find the right spice among the spice bottles on the shelves, and then they all started falling on your head.

Why clutter your shelves with spices when you can store them inside drawers now?

This tiered spice organizer that fits into drawers is perfect for organizing your spice bottles. The slanted levels allow you to easily read labels on the spice bottles so you can locate the item you need quickly.

2. Pullout Organizer for Cookware

Pullout Organizer for Cookware - organize your kitchen

Turn your kitchen cupboard into an organized dream with this 2-tier storage organizer! You can store and organize your pots and pans at the bottom tier, and lids on the top tier.

It has adjustable dividers that allow you to accommodate all kinds of cookware sizes. Also, the best part of this is the sliding function. Simply pull it out and you will have everything you need within your reach.

3. Get A Under-Shelf Basket

under-shelf basket - organize your kitchen

Why bury your item at the back when you can utilize the extra vertical space? An under-shelf basket can utilize those extra vertical storage spaces to help you organize better.

You can use it to store recipe books, linens, plates or mugs, and it also offers better visibility of your items too. Don’t waste those extra spaces under the shelf!

4. Organize Spice with a Lazy Susan

organize spice with lazy susan - organize your kitchen

If you suffer from a chaotic spice cupboard, get a Lazy Susan to help you organize those spice bottles. Give it a good spin and you’ll find what you need!

We love this 2-Tier Lazy Susan that can help maximize your vertical space and it has a non-slip surface to keep all your spice bottles in place.

5. Utilize the Under-the-Sink Area

Professional Sink Cabinet Organizer - organize your kitchen

The space underneath your sink is usually unused or maybe only one or two cleaning items are there. To take full advantage of this under-used area, you can install this two-tier sliding shelf to store cleaning supplies.

It screws to the bottom of the cabinet so it’s really stable when sliding out the baskets. The sliding also makes the items inside the organizers so much more accessible too!

6. See-Through Containers

see-through containers - organize your kitchen

Use these see-through containers to store flour, spices, snacks, coffee, rice, sugar or cereals! Since they have a clear body, you can easily monitor the content inside the containers.

They are also stackable so you can take full advantage of the vertical space in your cabinet or pantry! By the way, its airtight seal is extremely secure that you can even store liquids too without worrying about leaks!

7. Add Pull Out Bins in the Fridge

pull out bin in fridge - organize your kitchen

Are you always stacking things on top of each other when your fridge runs out of space? Hang these pull-out storage bins in the fridge – they can utilize the space under the shelf. Now you can have more surface to place your stuff, and your fridge will naturally be more organized!

8. Organize Tea Bags

tea stand - organize your kitchen

You can get rid of tea box clutters that are taking up precious storage space with a tea stand! Organize your green teas, chamomiles, earl greys and all your herbal teas in it because it’s able to fit in 100+ tea bags.

It fits in standard cabinets, or you can place it on the table. The tea bags stay upright and neatly lined up so you can see everything easily too.

9. Stacking Cutlery

stacked cutlery drawer organizer - organize your kitchen

Double your space for cutlery with this stacked design cutlery organizer. Storing your cutlery at an angle saves you more space than the conventional tray. If you use two drawers for your knives, forks and spoons, now you just need one drawer for the job!

10. Store Bottles in a Magazine Holder

bottles in magazine holder - organize your kitchen

Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Sometimes even common office supplies can help in kitchen organization too. For example, you can use magazine holders to store water bottles! Your bottles will be in view and within reach as well, so you can have an immediate grab-and-go access.

11. Hanging Your Wine Glasses

wine glass holder - organize your kitchen

Organizing your wine glasses underneath your cabinet will give you a ton of space! This hanging wine glass holder stores your glasses upside-down neatly and gives you easy access when you want to enjoy your next bottle of wine.

12. Door Mounted Chopping Boards

Door Mounted Chopping Boards - organize your kitchen

Even the space behind your cabinet door can be used to store slim items. This door mounted chopping boards set comes with a storage case that sticks easily on the door or any flat surface (ideal for narrow spaces and inside cupboards).

13. Making Full Use of the Wall

rustic wall shelf - organize your kitchen

Even a small section of the wall in your kitchen can be used for keeping cooking utensils, spices and mugs! If you are running out of space, use this rustic floating shelf to organize your kitchen and make full use of the wall. Your items stored here will be within an arm reach and it helps to clear up some cabinet space too.

14. Sort Lids with a Lid Organizer

lid organizer - organize your kitchen

It can be a real nightmare if you have too many plastic containers. Why? Because the plastic lids are either always all over the place or some of them are just lost forever.

Fortunately, this lid organizer will save your sanity! It can hold round and square lids and has adjustable dividers to create different spaces. The dividers are also great for sorting and organizing lids of various shapes and sizes so you can spot them easily.

15. Install a Simple Pegboard

pegboard in kitchen - organize your kitchen

Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Pegboards aren’t just for organizing your tools in your garage, they can also be really handy for kitchen utensils as well. A simple pegboard allows you to change the position of spatulas, pots and pans easily, and this creates a huge flexibility for organizing your kitchen!

Use These Kitchen Storage Ideas to Free Up Space

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which strategy from this list are you going to start with?

Or maybe you have an even more brilliant idea to organize your kitchen?

Share it with us in the comments below right now!

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