33 Travel Tips To Make You A Travel Ninja

Everyone wants to travel to see beautiful landscapes, experience unique cultures and eat delicious food that they had never seen before. So, we book a flight ticket, plan our trip, pack our bags and travel to our destination just like that.

However, you cannot plan for everything. Travel mishaps will happen to anyone. It takes plenty of unfortunate travel experiences such as stolen baggage, lost passports, frozen credit card, cultural unawareness, travel scams and expensive taxis to avoid all these travel mistakes.

With the right travel habits and knowledge, you can skip experiencing these travel mishaps firsthand. Well, at least most of them.

We will go through a list of travel tips that will help to save money, travel lighter, prepare for different situations and most importantly, put your mind at ease.

Alright, let’s dive into our list of travel tips.

1. Make Photocopies of Your Passport

Sometimes you don’t need to carry the original passport around, so a photocopy version may come in handy. Also, if your passport happens to be stolen, having prepared a photocopy version can be helpful when doing a police report.

Tip: Email yourself a copy, so you can have a backup plan for the worst!

2. Make a List

Make a list when you pack before the trip. Keep it with you during the trip. When you pack to leave the hotel, that list will be a good reminder of what you have brought along with you. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving things behind anymore!

3. Ask the Hostel Receptionist for Information

This is one of those under-used travel tips.

Hotel receptionists know exactly where to go for good food and how to get around the city. They deal with all sorts of travelers every day. So, you can expect them to know the city very well.

Even if you’re not staying in that hotel, you can just go right in and ask them for information. They usually don’t mind helping out.

4. Learn Basic Phrases of the Local Language

You don’t have the master the language. Just simple phrases like “Hello”, “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “I’m sorry” and anything that comes to your mind that you probably use it often.

The locals will appreciate it when you use some of their language in your conversations with them. It makes them happy. It makes you happy.

Oh, you probably need this too – “Where is the bathroom?”

5. A Towel Goes a Long Way

Pack a small towel in your bag. It is useful for many situations. Whether it’s going for a hike, chilling on the beach or walking around a city, it’s good to know you have something to dry yourself off.

6. Bring Extra Camera Batteries

“I need to take this shot right now!”

Oops. The battery died.

This sure happens often at that very crucial moment when you about to snap that perfect scenery. The lesson of the day? Bring extra camera batteries on all trips.

7. Always Buy Travel Insurance

As the saying goes, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

If anything bad happens, it’s good to know you have travel insurance. Especially in a medical emergency, without travel insurance, it can put a hole in your bank account. You can get yours at World Nomads. They’re pretty famous among seasoned travelers.

8. Pack Extra Underwear

Always have a few extra pairs of underwear. It sucks when you’re wearing your last pair and it gets wet by accident.

Try quick-dry underwears. You can wash and dry them easily on the road.

9. Pack Light

It’s alright to wear the same outfit a few days in a row. This way you can cut down some clothes. Most of the time, you don’t really need as many clothes as you think. A good rule of thumb is that you can reduce one-third of the clothes you think you need.

10. Plan Your Outfits

It’s good to imagine what to wear before the trip so you can plan for an amazing photo with a stunning outfit.

11. Always Ask for the Price Before Taking Public Transports

Sometimes people will take advantage of travelers for not knowing the regular price. Make sure you ask for the price before going on a bus, taxi or other forms of public transport.

You can also ask the hotel receptionist or any kind of information center for a rough figure. At least, you will know if you get overcharged.

12. Bring an Extra Credit Card

If your credit card got stolen, or you lost it, you still have another backup for the rest of the trip. That’s the time you’d be glad you brought an extra with you.

And don’t keep all your cards in the same place which we’ll be talking about this in the next point.

13. Keep your Money and Cards at Different Spots

Among all the travel tips, this one is important. Never have all your cash and cards in one place. You should keep some cash and a spare credit card in a separate bag for backup. In the event that you lose your wallet, you still have some money in your other bag.

14. Visit the local tourism office.

It’s very common for people to skip the tourism board nowadays. The thing is, they point you to the best local foods, free activities in town, or festivals that are happening during your stay. They will also introduce you to discounts on attractions and transportation.

You will save a good amount of money with that. Make sure you fully utilized the tourism board!

15. Stay Hydrated on Planes to avoid jet lag

Drink lots of water when you’re on the plane. Don’t take any alcohol and caffeine. They can both add to dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated in long-haul flights can prevent yourself from suffering jet lag.

Want to learn more about jet lag and how to beat it? You can read this article.

16. Take only what you need when you go out

Carry only enough cash for the day. Don’t take all your cards with you, so if you lose your cash or card throughout the day, you still have some backup. This will also keep you from overspending too.

17. Note Down your Hotel Address and Room Number

Sometimes you just can’t remember things. And it’s okay. You can either snap a picture of it or write it down somewhere in your phone.

P.S. this is kind of funny to be on the list of travel tips, but it’s for the forgetful ones!

18. Study a Little of History

When you’re planning your trip, study a bit of the history of each destination. With that knowledge, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciate more of the culture when you’re at the place itself.

Learn, Explore and Experience. That’s why we travel, right?

19. Book in Advance for Cheap Flights

The earlier you book, the cheaper the flights. Booking a flight ticket a week before will cost you a hell lot more than booking a flight ticket a few months before.

Try searching for cheap flights at Momondo. It basically goes through hundreds of sites to get you the best fare. Look at the calendar view for the day with the cheapest price.

20. Flying Direct is Expensive

You can try comparing the price of flying to another closer airport and take public transport like a train or bus to the final destination. Sometimes that could be a lot cheaper than flying directly to the final destination.

21. Inform Your Credit Card Company of Your Travel Plans

Let them know you’re traveling. This will guarantee to prevent your credit card from getting freeze when you are abroad.

22. Inform Your Families About Your Travel Plans

Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, it’s a good idea to let someone at home know where you’re going.

23. Don’t queue behind families.

We all know that it’s hard to manage kids. It takes time. To avoid getting stuck in the line, it’s better to avoid queuing behind families.

Tip: It’s faster if you queue behind a businessman. They don’t carry a lot with them and are usually rushing.

24. Starbucks, McDonald’s or Cafes Usually Have Free WiFi

Your hotel does not have WiFi?

Don’t worry! Just pop into one of the above places to connect free WiFi!

25. Don’t Eat Near a Tourist Attraction

The restaurants at a tourist attraction are always a few times more expensive than the regular price. We suggest that you open up Google Maps, Foursquare or Yelp to look for the famous local food around you.

Tip: You know it’s a touristy restaurant when its menu has over 3 languages. Get the hell out of there.

26. Have Lunch at Expensive Restaurants

Expensive restaurants usually have special lunch sets available in the afternoon. These lunch sets are a lot cheaper but still serve the same food in their menu.

27. Pack a Basic First-Aid Kit

Basic things like cough drops, antibacterial cream, bandages, ointments, aspirin and charcoal pills can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling. You might not have access to these things when traveling sometimes. So, it’s very important to have one with you or at least one of your travel companions.

28. Pack a Flashlight.

It’s really late and you may not have planned to walk back to your hotel. The street is dark and you wished you had a better light source other than your phone. Okay, that scenario might not happen to everyone, but you know how flashlight comes in handy at times like this.

Having a flashlight is handy for a lot of other situations such as finding things when there’s a power cut or a medical situation that needs a good light source.

29. Keep Your Guard Up.

Travel scams are everywhere. When you don’t look like a local, it’s easy to be a target of travel scams. Don’t fall for any of them.

You can check out this article for some of the common travel scams.

30. But Keep an Open Mind

Experience with an open mind when you’re in another country. Be respectful and don’t judge other cultures.

31. Dare to Try new food.

Is that even edible?

Just put in your mouth.

You might miss the opportunity of tasting a new, unusual and tasty local cuisine. Dare to try the food you had never seen before because you are there to experience another country’s culture.

32. Book your attraction tickets in advance

Always check online. Major attractions often allow you to buy tickets in advance. With that, you can skip the lines. Don’t queue for a ticket for hours. When you’re traveling, time is precious!

33. Take pictures of your luggage

It’s a good habit to do this. If your luggage or bag gets lost, the pictures can help the authorities to find your bag faster. If they can’t find it, you can still use the pictures to claim for your baggage loss from the travel insurance.

That’s the end of this list of travel tips.

You are now officially a travel ninja!

Let us know which one of these travel tips is the most helpful for you! Or, if you have anything to add, leave a comment below to share with everyone! We also recommend you to visit these places at least once if you have no idea where to visit for your next travel destination,

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