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7 Ways To Make Yoga A Daily Habit

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Are you trying to make yoga a daily habit, but fail to show up for a yoga practice most of the time?

Making yoga a regular habit is not easy, especially when you have a busy life.

A weekly yoga session just doesn’t do much either.

To take the most advantage of the amazing health benefits of yoga, you want to make yoga a daily habit. Even a short 15 minute yoga session every day will make a big difference!

No doubt that building a new habit takes some time, patience and setting up a daily routine.

In this article, we’re going to show you 7 ways to make yoga a daily habit, and these tips will definitely help you make the process of forming a daily yoga habit a whole lot faster.

How to Start and Keep Your Yoga Habit

1. Practice Yoga First Thing in the Morning

Practice Yoga First Thing in the Morning - ways to make yoga a daily habit

Doing yoga as soon as you wake up can be a challenge if you’re not a morning person. Most of us either just snooze our phone when the alarm goes off or go to the kitchen straight away to make coffee.

Before you start rejecting the idea of practicing yoga in the morning, give it a try for at least 1 week. Once you start getting used to it, you might just enjoy morning yoga sessions!

The benefit of practicing yoga in the morning allows you to clear your mind and get you ready for the day, both physically and mentally.

Also, since you’ve already done a yoga session in the morning, you don’t have to carve out more time for a workout for the rest of the day!

So, how long should you practice? Half an hour will be perfect but 15 minutes will be enough to do wonders for your body.

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2. Choose A Time

If you can’t do it in the morning, you can still do it at another time of the day.

Just pick a time and stick with it.

Let’s say you want to build an evening yoga habit instead. You may choose a time-based cue like, “Before I have dinner every evening 6pm, I’ll do a 15-minute yoga practice.”

This way, you set a time and you must do your yoga session at that particular time of the day.

This is probably one of the most important tips to make Yoga a habit.

Once you do this long enough, you will automatically do it at that time of the day. In fact, missing a yoga session will make you feel like you’ve forgotten to do something important.

3. Use The Power of Location

Yoga space - ways to make yoga a daily habit

If you have ever gone into your kitchen, see a bag of chips on the counter, and you reach for them because they are right there in front of you, then you know the power of location on our behavior.

The easiest way to build a new habit is to make the conditions around it easy, and you can take action immediately. (just like grabbing the bag of chips is too easy!)

So, let’s create a location or space to make doing yoga easy, and the chances of you doing yoga will be much higher.

Ideas for your location:

  • Choose an empty area with good natural light (so it feels airy!)
  • Place all your Yoga essentials at your location for instant access. E.g. Leave your mat open will increase your chances of practicing.
  • Print out Yoga quotes or inspiration and hang them on the walls around.
  • Set up a TV where you can have access to online yoga classes.
  • Isolate your devices in another room if you don’t need them because they will distract you.
  • Get yoga accessories if you haven’t: Yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga mat, yoga blanket and essential oils diffuser.

4. Track Your Progress

Crossing off calendar to track progress - ways to make yoga a daily habit

If you want to keep a habit for good, one of the easiest ways is to use a habit tracker.

A habit tracker can be in any simple form as long as it can measure whether you did a habit or not.

The most common way is to use a calendar and cross off that day when you successfully stick with your habit. As time passes by, your calendar becomes a report of your yoga habit streak.

Keeping a visually written record gives you motivation and makes commitment easier. As you get better in tracking, you can even add notes or your thoughts to track your yoga progress.

5. Try Online Classes

If you’re new and haven’t set up a particular yoga routine yet, you can always try online classes.

It feels good when you have someone experienced to guide you along at the comfort of your own home. You also don’t have to travel to yoga studios which removes a huge obstacle that prevents you from practicing.

Furthermore, there are plenty of yoga classes available online now! If you don’t like one, you can always try another one!

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6. Be Aware of Your Excuses

Note down are the excuses that are making you skip your yoga practices:

  • “I’m too full now because I ate too much”
  • “I’m too tired from my work today”
  • “I don’t have time now”
  • “I’m bored of it already”
  • “My friends are visiting later”
  • “It’s too cold today”

Write down your excuses when you fail to do your yoga session. See which one is appearing the most and find a solution to counter that excuse.

For instance, If you ate too much, then have your meal earlier or eat a smaller portion instead. If you don’t have time, then cut down the time you use to watch TV.

Don’t get trapped into making excuses too often. Instead, be aware of them and find a solution!

7. Yoga-Friendly Pajamas

Yoga-Friendly Pajamas - ways to make yoga a daily habit

Wear yoga-friendly pajamas to sleep so you can hit the mat first thing in the morning! This is a simple trick that actually helps you succeed in practicing in the morning (which is tip #1 that we’ve discussed).

Of course, it’s not the sort of attire you wear to yoga classes since they’re not as snugly to sleep in. Yoga-friendly pajamas can be loose-fitting shirts, slightly baggy pants, or anything that’s comfy but does not restrict your movements.

It will save you a lot of time to change your usual attire when going to the yoga studio, so you have more time on the mat instead.

How Can I Make Yoga A Habit?

A common belief is that a habit is formed after repeating the same task for 21 days. However, studies have shown that on average, it takes more than 2 months before a new habit becomes automatic.

When you try to take on yoga as your new daily habit, it will take some time in the beginning before it becomes a natural routine. Some day you will feel like giving up, but just go through the motion, and it’ll be enough for that day.

But, since you already know various ways to make yoga a daily habit, you can start building this new habit at home easily!

Practice yoga first thing in the morning or choose a time and lock it down for a yoga session. Create a yoga space ideal for practicing, sign up for online classes, be aware of your excuses and roll out your mat to do some yoga!

Doing this daily will definitely build a solid habit of doing yoga every day!


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