6 Workouts To Lose Belly Fats and Reduce Muffin Tops | Do you want to lose your love handles and muffin top? Then you need to start working on those abs right now with this workout! #losebellyfat #workout #workoutathome 6 Workouts To Lose Belly Fats and Reduce Muffin Tops | Looking for a workout routine to lose that stubborn body fat? Here are some core exercises you can do at home! #workout #workoutathome #fitness 6 Workouts To Lose Belly Fats and Reduce Muffin Tops | Do these abs workouts to lose belly fat and slim down today! These core strengthening exercises will help you get rid of those muffin tops so you can look strong and fit! These workouts at home are also suitable for beginners. #workoutathome #absworkout

6 Workouts To Lose Belly Fats and Reduce Muffin Tops

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Muffin tops are the lower belly hip fat accumulated just above the butt.

Pause from reading this for a while and have a look at your body. Do you want to lose your love handles and muffin top? Are they keeping you away from the 6-packs abs you’ve always wanted?

You need to start working on those abs right now!

Below are 6 workouts to lose belly fats you can practice at the gym or even in the comfort of your own home to shred those fats away! They consist of core exercises that can help to tone your belly, lower back, and butt.

6 Workouts to Lose Belly Fats and Reduce Muffin Tops

This high-intensity hybrid workout is just what you need . Supported compound movements, high-intensity interval training, and core exercises, you are guaranteed to burn the maximum amount of calories while toning your belly, lower back, and butt.

Russian Twist

Don’t have time to workout? Russian twists are perfect to fit in a busy schedule and still shred away those extra fats.

They strengthen your obliques, core, and spine all at once. Other than sculpting your midsection, it also helps improve balance and build stability.

To start off, sit on the floor and have your legs bent in front of you. Lean slightly backward and brace your abdominal wall to engage your core. Join your hands together and twist your torso from side to side. Keep your legs grounded on the floor as you do so.

To increase difficulty, lift your legs off the ground so that your legs and torso form a V-like shape. Balance in this position as you repeat the steps above. You may also hold a dumbbell or a kettlebell in your hands as you perform this exercise.

You should aim to perform two sets of 12.

Side Plank Dips

The side plank dip exercise is a plank variation that tones your obliques, trims your waistline, defines your ab muscles. Also, it activates your lats which are the back muscles underneath your bra. Say goodbye to bulging fats!

To get into your beginning position, lie on your left side with your elbows on the floor directly underneath your shoulder. Use your palms to grasp the floor. Next, straighten your legs and stack them on top of the other. Lift your body up to neutral.

Inhale as you lower your pelvis to the floor. Your left hip should hover just off the floor. Exhale to lift your pelvis and return to side plank. In order to stabilize your shoulder in this position, pull your left shoulder blade down to your back.

Repeat 12 dips (1 set) on this side and repeat it on the other side.

Candlestick Dipper

The candlestick dipper is a calisthenics and pilates exercise that has proven to be an effective muffin top killer. The primary muscles being worked are the obliques. However, the secondary muscles targeted are the abs and lower back.

Get down on your right knee and extend your left leg out to the side. Your left foot should be flat on the ground with the knees pointing upwards. Keep your core tight and back straight in this starting position.

Raise your hands above your head and clasp them together. Maintaining a tight core, bend at your waist and lean as far as you can to the right. Your goal is to bend almost parallel to the floor.

Come back up straight into the starting position and repeat. Perform 12 repetitions before repeating it on the other side.

Hip Bridge

Hip bridge targets your lower back and abs. As a bonus, it also works on your glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings. Work hard on this exercise and you’re on your way to toned abs and perky butt!

Lie on your back with your feet flat and knees bent at hip-distance apart. Place your arms at your sides with palms facing down. Slowly lift your hips up while tightening your core and squeezing your glutes. At this point, your body should be at about a 40 to 45-degree angle relative to the floor.

When at the highest point, flex your butt for 3 seconds while still maintaining a tight core. Slowly lower to return to your starting position and quickly come back up.

To increase difficulty, lift one leg up to the ceiling as you lift and lower your hips. It will help to further activate your back muscles and improve stability.

Perform 12 – 15 reps on each side.

Rolling Plank

Another variation to the classic plank, the rolling plank is a great form of cardio that activates your core muscles and builds shoulder and back strength. But most importantly, it’s going to help you achieve that slim waist you’ve always wanted!

Your starting position begins with a standard plank with your arms straight. Remember to keep your hands in line with your shoulders.

Now rotate your hips counter-clockwise so that your right hip is directly over your left hip. While doing so, extend your right arm straight up. Your right shoulder should be above your left should. The same goes for your extended legs.

Hold the position for at least 3 seconds. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and lift your hips so that your side body is in a straight line. Slowly rotate back into your starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Complete 10 rolls on each side.

Plank Hip Twists

Say goodbye to muffin tops by defining your waist, activating your obliques, and strengthening your core with plank hip twists!

Start off by going into a traditional plank position. Place your elbows directly underneath your shoulders and keep your toes on the floor with the legs extended behind. Lift your hips so that your body is in a straight line.

While keeping your core tight, slowly twist your hip to the left side the side of your hips almost touches the floor. Hold the position for a beat before twisting in the other direction. Now return to your starting plank position. You have just completed 1 rep.

Keep in mind that the twisting motion only occurs in the hips and not the shoulders. This is where you isolate and target the muscles in your midsection.

Perform 15 reps for this exercise.

Slow, Steady, and Repeat!

Make sure to keep a good form while performing these exercises. Keep your movements controlled to fully activate your muscles. Lastly, consistently working out is going to help you see your results faster.

Slow and steady build strong muscles, but consistent repetitions burn fats.

Just doing workouts to lose belly fats is not enough. You’ll also have to keep track of the food you eat.

You can eat food that will aid you in losing belly fat or you can try low carbs diet like the ketogenic diet. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for something that’s low in commitment, you can try these tiny changes to your diet.

By combining consistent workouts and monitoring your diet, You’ll be burning those belly fats and achieving defined abs over time!

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